“You talk. We listen. We help you settle.”

McFarlane Legal is a highly experienced legal practice specialising in dispute resolution with a strong emphasis on mediation and facilitation. Our practice assists individuals, companies and organisations in conflict to resolve their dispute without the need for long and costly litigation in the courts.


McFarlane Legal has been in operation since 2001, and its small team are experts in the area of conflict resolution with over 10,000 resolved conflicts between them. Their experience, knowledge, and understanding of the process gives McFarlane Legal the capacity and the background to deal with disputes from the most simple to the most complex and for parties ranging from small businesses to large national and international corporations, local, state and federal government as well as individuals.


McFarlane Legal is particularly committed to the mediation process and knows how to best work with parties to identify and clarify the issues between them and through discussion and negotiation seek to achieve the appropriate resolution for all concerned.

Our Strengths

“We help you achieve an outcome that delivers certainty.”

Certainty is achieved by incorporating into the process:

  • Flexibility with procedures tailored to suit the needs of each party
  • Confidentiality with mediation conducted in private and no need to disclose the discussions and basis upon which a matter is resolved
  • Convenience for the parties and informality of process
  • Strong emphasis on control of the decision making given to the parties involved
  • Savings on legal costs with some outcomes far wider than the scope available in court
  • Speedier resolutions than in court
  • Consensual arrangement and participation, with parties free to leave at any time
  • Extensive experience in developing appropriate dispute resolution models for organisations.