Our Advantages
McFarlane Legal fully understands the advantages of the mediation process and Tim McFarlane, Jonathon Mott and Michael Tehan (our mediators) excel at it. Mediation relies on the mediator being neither the judge nor an advisor to either party, but acts as a facilitator to develop honest and open discussion in order to help resolve the dispute and achieve a resolution for all involved.
McFarlane Legal is able to provide arbitrators and facilitators who are very experienced in litigation and are aware of what is involved in a litigious matter and the resources required to conduct cost efficient and timely litigation. The arbitrations are conducted and organised with these goals constantly in mind - timely preliminary conferences and abitration hearings and a cost effective hearing regime.

McFarlane Legal offers:

  • flexibility with procedures tailored to suit the needs of each party,
  • confidentiality with mediation conducted in private and no need to disclose the discussions and basis on which a matter is resolved,
  • convenience for the parties and informality of process,
  • control of the decision making given to the parties involved,
  • a saving on legal costs, speedier resolution and outcomes far wider than the scope available at court,
  • consensual participation with parties free to leave at any time.