Conflict is an unavoidable part of life and disputes occur in many arenas and at many levels. These can range from simple disputes between neighbours, arguments between family members over the terms of a will or disputes with banks or insurance companies through to complex multi-party litigation involving parties in other jurisdictions. When people or organizations are involved in such disputes they want them resolved and, very frequently, they want to maintain a relationship with those involved.

McFarlane Legal – Dispute Resolution is a law firm that practises solely in the area of resolving disputes using alternative dispute resolution techniques - predominantly mediation, arbitration and facilitation. We are experts in the area and we have an enviable track record of resolving the great majority of disputes that come before us.

The firm, led by principal Tim McFarlane, brings extensive and wide ranging legal experience to the task of conflict resolution. All our practitioners are very experienced litigation lawyers who have moved to specialize and practice solely in this area. We work with clients and their lawyers or other representatives to resolve disputes that are within the court or tribunal system and also those that have not yet reached the stage of formal litigation.

We work hard to bring about a resolution to every dispute and to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the process.